Studioszene: Traveling and recording bands in Morocco for 2 years




During the big pandemic, Ady (Karim Ziad, Noam Vazana) and Kasia decided to stay in Morocco living in their camper van that was transformed into a mobile recording studio. While the borders were closed and the world stood still, they continued to keep the art and music alive, supporting local artists with 50+ singles and music videos, recording 5 live shows, and producing 2 CDs with local artists and the project called “Hit The Road Music Studio”.

In the 45-minute presentation about their mobile recording journey, Ady will share music, videos, and photos created during these challenging times as well as stories from North Africa about friendship, lucky circumstances, and how he became a mentor and partner with Warren Huart and Produce Like A Pro. The aim is to introduce you to a creative and accessible approach to music recording as well as to motivate producers to find and follow their own path. You will get a deep insight into the colorful culture and rich heritage of Morocco and we will discuss best practices for location recording techniques and check out one session incl. multi-tracks. Join us when you want to know how we ended up in the Moroccan court (and how it went), got fried by 50 degrees in the desert to record a live show for the London Arab Arts Festival, and met the “Queen of the Desert” to produce 2 singles. 

Traveling and recording bands in Morocco for 2 years

When: 17th October
Time: 10:15 – 11:00
Stage: Gear Stage



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