Schneller schalten

Die Logic Shortcuts





Ach verdammt… geht das nicht schneller?? Wie war hier dieser Short-Cut noch gleich… ??? Oh, näää – ich will nicht schon wieder das dicke Handbuch durchwälzen… das dauert ewig bis man da was findet…

Und falls du Cubase-User bist, findest du deine Shortcuts hier.

Wir hoffen mit dieser Liste euch ab und zu helfen zu können. 🙂

( ˽ = Space )

Funktion Kürzel
 Global Commands
Record R
Record/Record Toggle *
Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position ⌘ .
Capture as Recording ⇧ R
Pause  .
Stop 0
Play or Stop ˽
Rewind  ,
Forward  .
Fast Rewind ⇧ ,
Fast Forward ⇧ .
Play from Left Window Edge ⇧ ⌅
Go to Position… /
Set Punch In Locator by Playhead ⌃⌥⌘I
Set Punch In Locator by Rounded Playhead ⌃⌥⇧⌘I
Set Punch Out Locator by Playhead ⌃⌥⌘O
Set Punch Out Locator Point by Rounded Playhead ⌃⌥⇧⌘O
Set Locators by Regions/ Events/Marquee ⌘ U
Set Rounded Locators by Regions/Events U
Swap Left and Right Locator =
Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length ⇧⌘.
Move Locators Backwards by Cycle Length ⇧⌘,
Play from Selection ⇧ ˽
Go to Selection Start ⌃ ↖
Go to Selection End ⌃ ↘
Go to Selection End
Create Marker ⌥ ’
Create Marker without rounding ⌃⌥’
Create Marker for Selected Regions ⌥⇧’
Delete Marker ⌥ ⌫
Set Locators by Marker and Enable Cycle ⌃⌥C
Set Locators by Previous Marker and Enable Cycle ⌃⌥,
Set Locators by Next Marker and Enable Cycle ⌃⌥.
Go to Previous Marker ⌥ ,
Go to Next Marker ⌥ .
Go to Marker Number… ⌥ /
Rename Marker ⇧ ’
Go to Marker Number 1 1
Go to Marker Number 2 2
Go to Marker Number 3 3
Go to Marker Number 4 4
Go to Marker Number 5 5
Go to Marker Number 6 6
Go to Marker Number 7 7
Go to Marker Number 8 8
Go to Marker Number 9 9
Go to Marker Number 10 ⌃ 0
Go to Marker Number 11 etc. ⌃ 1 etc.
Cycle Mode C
Autopunch Mode ⌃⌥⌘P
Replace /
Solo Mode ⌃ S
Set Solo Lock Mode ⌥ S
Reselect Solo-Locked Regions ⌥⇧S
Solo off for all ⌃⌥⌘S
Mute off for all ⌃⌥⌘M
MIDI/Monitor Metronome Click K
Count In ⇧ K
Recall Screenset 1 – 9 1 – 9
Recall Screenset 1 – 9x ⌃ 1 – 9
Region Inspector Float ⌥ R
Open Preferences… ⌘ ,
Open Automation Preferences… ⌥ A
Open Main Window… ⌘ 1
Open Mixer… ⌘ 2
Open Smart Controls ⌘ 3
Open Piano Roll… ⌘ 4
Open Score Editor… ⌘ 5
Open Audio File Editor… ⌘ 6
Open Event List… ⌘ 7
Open Project Audio… ⌘ 8
 Show/Hide Musical Typing… ⌘ K
Show/Hide Event Float ⌥ E
Show/Hide Mixer X
Show/Hide Smart Controls B
Show/Hide Score Editor N
Show/Hide Staff Style Window ⌃⌥⇧S
Show/Hide Score Sets Window ⌃⌥⇧I
Show/Hide Piano Roll P
Show/Hide Step Input Keyboard ⌥⌘K
Show/Hide Loop Browser O
Show/Hide Library Y
Show/Hide Audio File Editor W
Adjust Tempo using Beat Detection ⌥⌘T
Show Detailed Help ⌘ /
Open in External Sample Editor ⇧ W
Open Tempo List… ⌥⇧T
Open Key Commands… ⌥ K
Show/Hide Colors ⌥ C
Open Movie… ⌥⌘O
Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read ⌃⌘O
Toggle Current Track Automation Latch/Read ⌃⌘A
 Set All Tracks to Automation Off ⌃⇧⌘O
Set All Tracks to Automation Read ⌃⇧⌘R
Set All Tracks to Automation Touch ⌃⇧⌘T
Set All Tracks to Automation Latch ⌃⇧⌘L
Automation Event List… ⌃⌘E
Toggle Automation Quick Access ⌃⌥⌘A
Toggle Group Clutch ⇧ G
Open Group Settings… ⌥⇧G
Close Window ⌘ W
Cycle Through Windows Redraw current window ⌘ `
Select Previous Track
Select Next Track
New Empty Project ⇧⌘N
 New from Template… ⌘ N
Open… ⌘ O
Project Settings… ⌥ P
Close Project ⌥⌘W
Save ⌘ S
Save Project as… ⇧⌘S
Print ⌘ P
Import… ⌘ I
Export Selection as MIDI File… ⌥⌘E
Export Track as Audio File… ⌘E
Export All Tracks as Audio File… ⇧⌘E
Quit ⌘ Q
Minimize Window ⌘ M
Zoom Window ⌥⌘M
Import Audio File… ⇧⌘I
Next Channel Strip Setting of focused Track ⇧ ]
Previous Channel Strip Setting of focused Track ⇧ [
 Copy Channel Strip Setting ⌥⌘C
Paste Channel Strip Setting ⌥⌘V
Next Patch, Plug-in Setting or EXS Instrument ]
Previous Patch, Plug-in Setting or EXS Instrument [
Toggle Channel Strip Mute M
Toggle Channel Strip Solo S
Toggle Channel Strip Input Monitoring ⌃ I
Toggle Channel Strip Format (mono/stereo) ⌃⇧S
Hide/Show All Plug-in Windows V
Open Controller Assignments ⌥⇧K
Learn new Controller Assignment ⌘ L
 Undo ⌘ Z
 Redo ⇧⌘Z
 Undo History… ⌥⌘Z
 Cut ⌘ X
Copy ⌘ C
Paste ⌘ V
Select All ⌘ A
Show Tool Menu T
Set Next Tool ⌥ ⇟
Set Previous Tool ⌥ ⇞
Show/Hide Global Tracks G
Configure Global Tracks ⌥ G
Show/Hide Arrangement Track Only ⇧⌘A
Show/Hide Marker Track Only
Show/Hide Movie Track Only ⇧⌘O
Show/Hide Transposition Track Only ⇧⌘X
Show/Hide Tempo Track Only ⇧⌘T
Show/Hide Beat Mapping Track Only ⇧⌘B
Zoom Horizontal Out ⌘ ←
Zoom Horizontal In ⌘ →
Zoom Vertical Out ⌘ ↑
Zoom Vertical In ⌘ ↓
Recall Zoom 1 – 3 ⌃⌥⌘ 1 – 3
Save as Zoom 1 – 3 ⌃⌥⇧⌘ 1 – 3
Zoom to fit Locators, store Navigation Snapshot ⌃⇧Z
Toggle Zoom to fit Selection or All Contents Z
Store Navigation Snapshot ⇧ Z
Navigation: Back ⌥ Z
Navigation: Forward ⌥⇧Z
Page Up
Page Down
Page Left
Page Right
Scroll in Play ⌃ `
Hide/Show Inspector I
Grid ⌃ G
Catch Playhead Position `
MIDI Out Toggle ⌥ O
MIDI In Toggle ⌥ I
Mute Notes/Regions/ Folders on/off ⌃ M
MIDI Draw: Disable ⇧⌘Y
MIDI Draw: Autodefine ⌘ Y
MIDI Draw: Other… ⌥ Y
Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 1 =
Decrease Last Clicked Parameter by 1
Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 10 ⇧ =
Decrease Last Clicked Parameter by 10 ⇧ –
Show File(s) in Finder ⇧⌘R
Snap Edits to Zero Crossings ⌃ 0
Add to Tracks… ⌘ ;
Play/Stop Selection ⌃ ˽
Cycle Audition ⌃ C
New Tracks… ⌥⌘N
New Audio Track ⌥⌘A
New Software Instrument Track ⌥⌘S
New External MIDI Track ⌥⌘X
New Track with Duplicate Setting ⌘ D
New Track with Next Channel Strip/Instrument ⌃ ↩
New Track with Same Channel Strip/Instrument ⌃⇧↩
Delete Track ⌘ ⌫
Delete unused Tracks ⌥⌘⌫
Deselect All ⌥⇧D
Invert Selection ⇧ I
Select All Following ⇧ F
Select All Following of Same Track/Pitch ⌃⇧F
Select All Inside Locators ⇧ L
Select Overlapped Regions/Events ⇧ O
Select Equal Regions/Events ⇧ E
Select Similar Regions/Events ⇧ S
Select Same Subpositions ⇧ P
Select Muted Regions/Events ⇧ M
Select Equal Colored Regions/Events ⇧ C
Select First, or Shift Marquee Selection Left ⇧ ↖
Select Last, or Shift Marquee Selection Right ⇧ ↘
Select Previous Region/Event or Move Marquee End (or Marquee Point) to Previous Transient
Select Next Region/Event or Move Marquee End (or Marquee Point) to Next Transient
Toggle Previous Region/Event or Move Marquee Start (or Extend Marquee Selection) to Previous Transient ⇧ ←
Toggle Next Region/Event or Move Marquee Start (or Extend Marquee Selection) to Next Transient ⇧ →
Scroll to Selection ⇧ `
Loop Regions/Folders on/off L
Quantize Selected Events Q
Undo Quantization ⌥⌘Q
 Delete Duplicated Events ⌥ D
Paste Replace ⇧⌘V
Repeat Regions/Events… ⌘ R
Join Regions/Notes ⌘ J
Split Regions/Events at Locators or Marquee Selection ⌃⌘T
Split Regions/Events at Playhead Position ⌘ T
Move Region/Event to Playhead Position (Pickup Clock) ;
Move Region/Event to Playhead Position and Select Next Region/Event (Pickup Clock+) ⇧ ;
Set Region/Event/Marquee Start to Playhead Position ⌘ [
Set Region/Event/Marquee End to Playhead Position ⌘ ]
Nudge Region/Event Position Right by Nudge Value ⌥ →
Nudge Region/Event Position Left by Nudge Value ⌥ ←
Nudge Region/Event Length Right by Nudge Value ⌥⇧→
Nudge Region/Event Length Left by Nudge Value ⌥⇧←
Set Nudge Value to Tick ⌃⌥T
Set Nudge Value to Division ⌃⌥D
Set Nudge Value to Beat ⌃⌥B
Set Nudge Value to Bar ⌃⌥M
Set Nudge Value to SMPTE Frame ⌃⌥F
Set Nudge Value to 0.5 SMPTE Frame ⌃⌥H
Set Nudge Value to Sample ⌃⌥S
Set Nudge Value to 1 ms ⌃⌥1
Set Nudge Value to 10 ms ⌃⌥0
Secondary Ruler ⌃⌥⌘R
Unlock SMPTE Position ⌘ ⇞
Lock SMPTE Position ⌘ ⇟
Bounce… ⌘ B
Select Same Channels ⇧ H
Select Same Articulation IDs ⇧ D
Trim Note to Remove Overlaps for Adjacent \
Trim Note End to Following Notes (Force Legato) ⇧ \
Select Highest Notes ⇧ ↑
Select Lowest Notes ⇧ ↓
Transpose Event +1 Semitone ⌥ ↑
Transpose Event -1 Semitone ⌥ ↓
Transpose Event +12 Semitones ⌥⇧↑
Transpose Event -12 Semitones ⌥⇧↓
Show Event Position and Length as Time or Bars/Beats ⌃⌥R
Extend Track Selection Up ⇧ ↑
Extend Track Selection Down ⇧ ↓
Select Previous Region on Selected Track
Select Next Region on Selected Track
Create 1 Automation Point at Region Borders ⌃⇧⌘1
Create 2 Automation Points at Region Borders ⌃⇧⌘2
Create 1 Automation Point at Every Region Border ⌃⌘1
Create 2 Automation Points at Every Region Border ⌃⌘2
Delete Redundant Automation Points ⌃ ⌫
Delete Visible Automation on Selected Track ⌃⌘⌫
Delete All Automation on Selected Track ⌃⇧⌘⌫
Delete Orphaned Automation on Selected Track ⌃⇧⌫
Move Visible Region Data to Track Automation ⌃⌘↑
Move Visible Track Automation to Region ⌃⌘↓
Move All Region Data to Track Automation ⌃⇧⌘↑
Move All Track Automation to Region ⌃⇧⌘↓
Pack Take Folder ⌃⌘F
Unpack Take Folder to Existing Tracks ⌃⌘U
Unpack Take Folder to New Tracks ⌃⇧⌘U
Un/disclose Take Folder ⌥ F
Flatten Take Folder ⌥⇧U
Flatten and Merge Take Folder ⌥ U
Rename Take or Comp ⇧ T
Delete Take or Comp ⌥⇧⌫
Toggle Take Folder Quick Swipe Comping Mode ⌥ Q
Create Track Stack… ⇧⌘D
Create Folder Stack ⇧⌘F
Create Summing Stack ⇧⌘G
Flatten Stack ⇧⌘U
Bounce Regions in Place ⌃ B
Bounce Track in Place ⌃⌘B
Drum Replacement/Doubling ⌃ D
Toggle Hide View H
Hide Current Track and Select Next Track ⌃ H
Unhide All Tracks ⌃⇧H
Toggle Hide Group 1 – 9 ⌃⇧1 – 9
Toggle Track On ⌥ M
Record Enable Track ⌃ R
Individual Track Zoom In ⌃⌥⌘↓
Individual Track Zoom Out ⌃⌥⌘↑
Toggle Individual Track Zoom ⌃⌥⌘Z
Auto Track Zoom ⌃ Z
Individual Track Zoom Reset ⌃⌥⌘⌫
Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks ⌃⌥⌫
Convert Alias to a Region Copy ⌃ A
Select All Aliases of Region ⇧ A
Select All Orphan Aliases ⌥⇧A
Audio Crossfade Options for Merge… ⌥ X
Join Regions per Tracks  J
Snip: Cut Section Between Locators (Global) ⌃⌘X
Insert Silence Between Locators (Global) ⌃⌘Z
Splice: Insert Snipped Section at Playhead (Global) ⌃⌘V
Repeat Section Between Locators (Global) ⌃⌘R
Rename Track ⇧ ↩
Move Selected Regions to Selected Track ⌃⇧T
Move Region to Recorded Position ⌥⇧⌘R
Convert Regions to New Regions ⌥⌘R
Convert Regions to New Audio Files ⌥⌘F
Convert Regions to New Sampler Track ⌃ E
Time Stretch Region Length to Locators ⌥⌘L
Time Stretch Region Length to Nearest Bar ⌥⌘B
Strip Silence… ⌃ X
Add Region to Loop Library… ⌃⇧O
Normalize Region Parameters ⌃ N
Apply Quantization Destructively ⌃ Q
Convert Loops to Regions ⌃ L
Set Optimal Region Sizes Rounded by Bar ⌃ \
Remove Overlaps \
Trim Region End to Next Region ⇧ \
Shuffle Regions Left within Selection ⌥ [
Shuffle Regions Right within Selection ⌥ ]
Trim Regions to Fill within Locators ⌥ \
Crop Regions outside Locators or Marquee Selection ⌘ \
Hide/Show Track Automation  A
Hide/Show Flex Pitch/Time ⌘ F
Trim Region Start to Previous Transient ⌃⇧[
Trim Region Start to Next Transient ⌃⇧]
Trim Region End to Previous Transient ⌃ [
Trim Region End to Next Transient ⌃ ]
Rename Regions ⇧ N
Name Regions by Track Name ⌥⇧N
Name Tracks by Region Name ⌥⇧⌘N
Color Regions by Track Color ⌥⇧C
Color Tracks by Region Color ⌥⇧⌘C
Waveform Vertical Zoom Out ⌘ –
Waveform Vertical Zoom In ⌘ =
Hide/Show Toolbar ⌃⌥⌘T
Configure Track Header ⌥ T
Hide/Show Editor E
Hide/Show Note Pad ⌥ N
Hide/Show List Editors D
Hide/Show Media Area F
Hide/Show Master Track ⇧⌘M
Cycle Through Mixer Modes (Single, Arrange, All) ⇧ X
Select Instrument Channel Strips ⇧ S
Select Auxiliary Channel Strips ⇧ F
Select Output Channel Strips ⇧ O
Select MIDI Channel Strips ⇧ E
Select Equal Colored Channel Strips ⇧ C
Select Muted Channel Strips ⇧ M
Select Previous (Left) Channel Strip
Select Next (Right) Channel Strip
Create New Auxiliary Channel Strip ⌃ N
Create Tracks for Selected Channel Strips ⌃ T
Clear Cables only ⌃ ⌫
Object move left ⌥ ←
Object move right ⌥ →
Object move up ⌥ ↑
Object move down ⌥ ↓
Object Width -1 Pixel ⌥⇧←
Object Width +1 Pixel ⌥⇧→
Object Height -1 Pixel ⌥⇧↑
Object Height +1 Pixel ⌥⇧↓
Hide/Show Cables ⌃ C
Protect Cabling/Positions ⌃ P
Invert Selection ⇧ I
Select Unused Instruments ⇧ U
Select Cable Destination ⇧ →
Select Cable Origin ⇧ ←
Send Selected Fader Values ⌃ V
Delete Layer ⌘ ⌫
Cable serially ⌃ S
Page View ⌃ P
Explode Folders ⌃ F
Explode Polyphony ⌃ X
Hide/Show Instrument Names ⌃⇧N
Hide/Show Page Rulers ⌃⇧R
Go to Page… ⌃ /
Paste Multiple ⌥⇧⌘V
Next Event
Previous Event
Next Staff
Previous Staff
Force Syncopation ⌃⇧Y
Defeat Syncopation ⌃ Y
Force Interpretation ⌃⇧I
Defeat Interpretation ⌃ I
Stems: up ⌃⌥↑
Stems: down ⌃⌥↓
Stem End: Move Up ⌥⌘↑
Stem End: Move Down ⌥⌘↓
Ties: up ⌃⌥⇧↑
Ties: down ⌃⌥⇧↓
Beam Selected Notes ⌃ B
Unbeam Selected Notes ⌃ U
Default Beams ⌃ D
Enharmonic Shift: # ⇧ 3
Enharmonic Shift: b ⇧ B
Reset Note Attributes ⌃⇧⌫
Assign MIDI Channels based on Score Split ⌃⇧C
Nudge Position Up ⌃⌥⌘↑
Nudge Position Down ⌃⌥⌘↓
Nudge Position Left ⌃⌥⌘←
Nudge Position Right ⌃⌥⌘→
Settings: Global Format ⌃⌥⇧F
Settings: Numbers and Names ⌃⌥⇧N
Settings: Guitar Tablature ⌃⌥⇧G
Settings: Chords and Grids ⌃⌥⇧C
Settings: Clefs and Signatures ⌃⌥⇧L
Settings: Extended Layout ⌃⌥⇧X
Settings: MIDI Meaning ⌃⌥⇧M
Settings: Score Colors ⌃⌥⇧O
Insert: Crescendo ⌃⇧,
Insert: Decrescendo ⌃⇧.
Clear main finger ⌃⌥⇧⌫
Set main finger 1 – 5 ⌃⌥⇧1 – 5
Select Previous Event  ↑
Select Next Event  ↓
Length as Absolute Position ⌃⇧A
Articulation ID ⌃⇧D
Relative Position ⌃⇧R
Duplicate Event and Numerical Edit ⌘ D
Copy Value to All Following Events ⇧ V
Create Lane ⌥⌘N
Delete Lane ⌘ ⌫
Copy Lane ⌃ C
Paste Lane ⌃ V
Toggle Auto Define ⌃ A
Select Next Lane
Select Previous Lane
Select Previous Audio File
Select Next Audio File
Add Audio File… ⌃ F
Add Region ⌃ R
Delete File(s) ⌘ ⌫
Optimize File(s)… ⌃ O
Backup File(s) ⌃ B
Copy/Convert File(s)… ⌃ K
Select Unused ⇧ U
Show All Regions ⌥ ↓
Hide All Regions ⌥ ↑
Strip Silence… ⌃ X
Import Region Information ⌃ I
Export Region Information ⌃ E
Create Group… ⌃ G
Play/Stop All ⌃⌥⌘˽
Play/Stop Region ⌃⌥⇧˽
Play/Stop Region from Anchor ⌃⌥˽
Create Backup ⌃ B
Revert to Backup ⌃⌥⌘B
Save Selection As… ⌥⌘S
Region -> Selection
Selection -> Region
Go to Selection Start ⌃ ↖
Go to Selection End ⌃ ↘
Go to Region Start ⌃⌥←
Go to Region End ⌃⌥→
Go to Region Anchor ⌃⌥↓
Go to Previous Transient ⌥ ←
Go to Next Transient ⌥ →
Set Selection Start To Previous Transient ⇧ ←
Set Selection Start To Next Transients ⇧ →
Set Selection End To Previous Transient
Set Selection End To Next Transient
Selection Start and End to Previous Transient ⇧⌘←
Selection Start and End to Next Transient ⇧⌘→
Selection Start and End to Previous Transient and Play ⌥⌘←
Selection Start and End to Next Transient and Play ⌥⌘→
Toggle Transient Editing Mode ⌃ T
Increase Number of Transients ⌃ =
Decrease Number of Transients ⌃ –
Select All Previous ⌃⌥⇧←
Select All Following ⌃⌥⇧→
Create New Region ⌃ R
Normalize ⌃ N
Change Gain… ⌃ G
Fade In ⌃ I
Fade Out ⌃ O
Silence ⌃ ⌫
Invert ⌃⇧I
Reverse ⌃⇧R
Trim ⌃⇧T
Remove DC Offset ⌃ D
Search Peak ⇧ P
Search Silence ⇧ S
Lock Position in Track when moving Anchor ⌃ A
Invert Selection ⇧ I
Load Audio Sample… ⌃ F
New Zone ⌃ Z
New Group ⌃ G
Export Sampler Instrument and Sample Files ⌥⇧⌘S
Shift selected Zone(s)/ Group(s) Left ⌥ ←
Shift selected Zone(s)/ Group(s) Right ⌥ →
Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Left (Zones incl. Root Key) ⌥⇧←
Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Right (Zones incl. Root Key) ⌥⇧→
Save Instrument ⌥⌘S
Load Multiple Samples… ⌃ O
Open in Audio File Editor ⌃ W
Note ‘C’ A
Note ‘C#’ W
Note ‘D’ S
Note ‘D#’ E
Note ‘E’ D
Note ‘F’ F
Note ‘F#’ T
Note ‘G’ G
Note ‘G#’ Z
Note ‘A’ H
Note ‘A#’ U
Note ‘B’ J
Rest ˽
Next note will be sharp ⇧ 3
Next note will be flat ⇧ B
Chord Mode `
Delete ⌃ ⌫
Step Backwards
Step Forward
Octave – 2 ⇧ Y
Octave – 1 Y
Octave + 1 X
Octave + 2 ⇧ X
1/1 Note 1
1/2 Note 2
1/4 Note 3
1/8 Note 4
1/16 Note 5
1/32 Note 6
1/64 Note 7
1/128 Note 8
Next three notes are triplets 9
Next two notes are a dotted group 0
Velocity 16 (ppp) C
Velocity 32 (pp) V
Velocity 48 (p) B
Velocity 64 (mp) N
Velocity 80 (mf) M
Velocity 96 (f) ,
Velocity 112 (ff) .
Velocity 127 (fff) /
Sustain inserted note(s)
Quantize note starts on/off Q

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