Studio Live Sessions

Recording workshop with Warren Huart in high-end studio in South of France


For the next Studio Live Sessions, which will take place from May 1st to 5th, we could win producer and engineer Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro, The Fray, Aerosmith).


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In the High-End-Residential Studio Limusic, recording enthusiasts now have the opportunity to experience an exciting 5-day workshop with the successful Producer. And all this under the sun of Southern France on a dreamlike estate.

During the five days you can be present in the studio when Warren produces a band and records live. Many of you probably know his tutorials, in which he shows tips and tricks for recording and mixing. Now it’s even more exciting to see him personally communicating with the musicians during a studio session and which spontaneous ways he goes within a production that haven’t been shown in his videos yet. So you can look over Warren’s shoulders live and get an insight into his workflows.

The next step is the mixing of the recorded tracks. Here Warren will show you how to achieve a very good sound with a hybrid workflow and the interaction of software and hardware. After all, when do you ever get the chance to mix over an SSL AWS 948 Delta.

During the exclusive 5-day recording workshop, participants are not just spectators, but can actively participate as assistants and enjoy the studio experience together with Warren, the musicians and all participants.

The Limusic Studio


  • Date: May 1st to 5th 2023 (Day of arrival April 30th. Departure May 6th)
  • Price: 3.490,- Euro per person
  • For each additional booking you will receive a discount of 200,- Euro each

How to register:

  • You can register by sending an email to with the subject “Studio Live Sessions” and your full name and address.
  • You will receive an invoice from the Limusic Studio an invoice for the total amount of 3.490,- Euro.
  • Your registration is only binding with a deposit of 500,- Euro at the latest 10 days after receipt of the invoice. The rest has to be transferred at least 14 days before the event starts.
  • With your registration you also agree to be filmed and photographed on site. The material will be used for promotional purposes afterwards.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at:
  • Deadline for registration is April 01, 2023.

Studio Live Sessions with Moses Schneider and the Band Lionsphere in 2021

These are the Studio Live Sessions

The workshop will focus on the approach to live recording, the use of miking and all recording technology, the interaction and interplay between the producer and the band. You will be present during the musical and production development of the songs and will be able to follow the creative process of the artists and the producer and hear how the tracks grow from demo to vision to finished song.

In order for all participants to take away a wide range of learnings from the workshop, songs that differ in tempo, arrangement, instrumentation and sound will be recorded. So different recording setups and approaches will be followed.

What you’ll learn:

  • Methods for finding the right recording space, miking, and recording equipment for different tracks and instrumentation for a live recording situation.
  • Realizing the vision of the sound in the recordings live.
  • Production engineering approaches that take the song to the next level.
  • Proper communication with the artist.

This is what you will be offered:

  • 5-day recording workshop with Warren Huart in an exclusive recording studio in the South of France.
  • 6 nights accommodation on a beautiful estate in the South of France.
  • All-inclusive meals with drinks and regional cuisine.
  • “Studio Live Sessions” participant certificate.
  • You will also receive a premium ticket to the Studioszene 2023 worth 199,- Euro


This is where you stay:

All participants will be accommodated on the gorgeous estate in double rooms with single beds. On request, single rooms are available at an additional cost in a surrounding accommodation.


You will be provided with a culinary and varied breakfast, a lunch snack and a dinner buffet with regional cuisine. There is something for everyone! So there are also vegetarian dishes. Vegan cuisine is also available upon request. All non-alcoholic beverages are included throughout your stay, alcoholic beverages can be purchased on the property.

Exchange ideas with professionals

As attendees, you’ll have the opportunity to share and network with each other and with Warren and the artists. This works best after an intense day of workshops over dinner, where you can enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere of the estate. In addition to all the know-how you’ll take away, we also want you to have a memorable time together as a team. If you want, you can also jump into the pool. So don’t forget: Pack your swimwear!


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